Guemes Island 

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Mount  Baker  Viewed   From  Young County Park

Guemes Island


Guemes Island, Washington

Guemes Island is not a large island only consisting of 5505 acres or about 8.6 sq. miles. Just a short 8-minute ride on the Guemes Island Ferry will get you some great parks, hiking trails, events and photography moments. Many areas are accessible to the public because of organizations like Skagit Land Trust and the San Juan Preservation Trust. My personal favorites are the Guemes Mountain Trail and Peach Preserve

ZeKiwi BnB  Big Water View On Guemes

Guemes Island


There is an incredible diversity of wildlife making Guemes Island their home. There are a variety of different habitats that a wide array of animals can live and survive in along the island shorelines. Preservation Trusts holds a lot of the sensitive areas that support the wildlife.

Guemes Island  

 L   I   F   E Guemes Island Events

Guemes Island is a lifestyle in an everchanging environment. There are many third generations of families calling Guemes their home. There are a lot of community events held every year for all to participate. There are parades, dog shows, live music, church events, workshops and much more.

Guemes Island Ferry on a calm stormy day!